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Please complete this form to apply for Summer Session courses. You will be given the option to pay the $60 application fee online once you've completed and submitted the information form below.
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Summer Programs

Auditing is not an option for Online Courses. Online Courses must be taken For Credit.

Please use this space to let us know if you are applying as a Media Fellow, Clean Energy Intern, Auditing, seeking JD transfer credits, etc.
Transfer Credit

If you are transferring credits to another institution:  You must provide the following documents using the upload buttons at the bottom of this page:
- Resume including educational and job history
- Transcripts from your current or most recent degree program
- Letter of good academic standing that gives written permission from your home institution to transfer credits there

You may order your VLGS transcript online at:
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Upload your documents here. Attaching your resume and transcripts to this application can expedite the review process.  Official transcripts must be sent to the Admissions Office directly at
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Please indicate which summer classes you want to take. Note that some classes have enrollment limits. Selecting a class on this form does not guarantee a space in the class. 

Online Asynchronous Course must be taken for a credit.  If you are wishing to take online courses, please adjust your selection in the "Summer Selection" section to "For Credit"

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I understand that the Vermont Law and Graduate School reserves the right to deny admission or permission to register, or require the withdrawal of any student at any time for any reason it considers sufficient, including scholarship, character, and personal conduct.

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